Stella 〰️ is a visual communicator who aims to create meaningful designs that stimulate and connect.


Stella 〰️ is a visual communicator who aims to create meaningful designs that stimulate and connect.



This project was created in response to D&AD Newblood Google Fonts x HMCT brief (2023).

The brief asked us to choose an issue that compels us and resonates with us. Using Google Fonts, we were tasked with developing a typographically-driven campaign that serves as a call to action or enhances awareness for the chosen cause.

In collaboration with Emma Fernandez, Lily Davies and Alura Leddie

AGDA Awards 2023 Student Brand and Identity (Range/Series) Merit
AGDA Awards 2023 Student Digital (Digital Campaign) Merit
AGDA Awards 2023 Student Design Crafts (Typography) Finalist
AGDA Awards 2023 Student Motion (Moving Image) Finalist
AGDA Awards 2023 Student Digital (Website) Finalist
The Oxford Dictionary is the definitive record of the English language; it's Google's trusted source.  

But there's a problem.

It records outdated gender stereotypes, with phrases that marginalise the population and subconsciously influence the way we communicate. It “reflects rather than dictates how language is used”. Given its global power, it should be paving the way for inclusive language and our future.

Set The Example is calling out the dictionary and campaigning for change. Holding the dictionary accountable through an awareness and action campaign, we are encouraging The Oxford Dictionary to make edits based off submissions from everyone. 

Change starts with us, so let's get editing and set the example.

We're taking the text off the page and highlighting some of the shocking phrases extracted from The Oxford Dictionary. Set The Example is seeking to educate the public, start the conversation and prompt you to submit edits through our website.

Our profiler is a live-streaming extension of our campaign. Placed in areas of high foot traffic, it scans and stereotypes you based on definitions and phrases from The Oxford Dictionary. Our aim is to put you in the centre of the issue and experience the direct impact of these stereotypes.

We're making your opinions heard! Our website allows you to submit the edits you'd like to make in The Oxford Dictionary to be considered for the dictionaries quarterly review. Simplified for you to navigate the most recent or suggested words to edit, setting the example couldn't be easier.

I acknowledge the Gadigal and Cammeraygal People of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which I live and work.

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